Justin Giddings - Director/Writer/Producer - Justin Giddings holds a BFA in Acting and has been working as an actor since he was eight. What started in voiceovers as a cool way to get cash for Star Wars toys has turned into a fast-growing career. Now he's added award-winning filmmaker to his resume with the successful run of his and Ryan's festival-winning film, THIS IS NORMAL. Justin recently starred in Lionsgate's hit zombie-comedy Bite Me and has been seen on shows such as ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars and the Streamy Award winner BlackBoxTV. After meeting Ryan Welsh on the set of Bite Me, the two paired up to form Giddy Welshmen Productions. | FB - Twitter


Ryan Welsh - Director/Writer - Ryan Welsh holds an MFA in Acting and was recently nominated for a Streamy for his comedic work in Bite Me. An accomplished writer and director for the stage, he decided it was about time to start creating work in his medium of choice - film. His first foray was teaming up with Justin to write and direct THIS IS NORMAL. Definitely the brains of Giddy Welshmen Productions, he is also a talented visual artist and the man behind OUTPOST's storyboards and custom artwork. | FB - Twitter


Idan Menin - Cinematographer - Idan Menin doesn't settle for the basic. Or the easy. A student under Vilmos Zsigmond ASC (Close Encounters of the Third Kind), Amy Vincent ASC and Johnny Jensen ASC, Idan always aims for the next tier and is as textured a professional as the images he captures. Technically proficient and experienced in digital capture and film stock, Idan Menin hones the craft of his cinematography beyond the numbers and gets to the heart of the story -- allowing him to invest as much emotion as craft into his work. Great cinematography lies in the details. | www.IdanMenin.com - FB - Twitter

Cindi Rice - Producer - Cindi has a long career producing gamer and sci-fi based projects that range from digital series for Machinima to multi-million dollar feature films as part of Hollywood-based Epic Level Productions. While she's now branched out into narrative forms of all type (including producing THIS IS NORMAL), she returns to her roots with OUTPOST. www.CindiRice.com

Lynn Thomas - Producer - After building a multi-million dollar real estate empire in the Midwest and several businesses ranging from real estate to coaching, Lynn Thomas decided she wanted to make movies. Now she's a Hollywood producer and the two right-brained founders of Giddy Welshmen Productions would be completely lost without her.