OUTPOST - Concept Trailer

A proof-of-concept trailer using actual footage provided by NASA. Music by award-winning composer Sean Giddings

OUTPOST - Concept Trailer #2

Using actual test footage from the film, our second trailer was put together by our VFX wizard Paul Lada with music by Sean Giddings.

OUTPOST - Indiegogo Campaign Video

In just a few short weeks, we raised over $53,000 on Indiegogo to fund the production of OUTPOST (including post-campaign donations). We had 537 generous donors, over 6000 views of our campaign video, and were a featured campaign in Indiegogo's newsletter. We were featured on various sci-fi and geek news outlets such as Geek & Sundry, Nerd Reactor, and Nerds In Babeland.

The video is a great look into the passion and resources behind the project. Enjoy!

OUTPOST - Concept "Earth"

Some more concept art of the world of Outpost.

>> Video courtesy of Bryan Versteeg of www.SpaceHabs.com