OUTPOST - An Epic Sci-Fi Short Film


When the last Citizen in space makes first contact, he's forced to not only protect humanity, but that which makes him human: love.


When the last member of a special class of intergalactic diplomats called Citizens finds himself on the verge of finally discovering intelligent life, he realizes he has feelings for his android companion, ARIA. Just as Citizen Gordon is ready to reveal his feelings and embrace their unconventional relationship, news of a doomsday device headed his way puts him, his android, his discoveries, and even all of humanity in imminent danger...


Hundreds of years in the future, humanity has commissioned a special class of highly-trained warrior-scientists called Citizens to explore our galaxy in search of intelligent life. Everyone expects quick success in this search, thanks to our faster-than-light travel and anti-aging medical technologies. However, we’ve found nothing. Absolutely nothing. So the InterStellar Citizen’s Commission is being shut down, and the Citizens are being called home — except one.

Citizen Gordon, the last Citizen, is stationed on an outpost on the furthest edge of our galaxy. He is studying a phenomenon called the Beyond — essentially a giant curtain of impenetrable and impassable darkness from which nothing returns, including probes. Gordon is convinced that the phenomenon is organic and hiding intelligent life, so he searches tirelessly for evidence of his theory. 

To that end, he is assisted by an android named ARIA. The ARIA series androids were designed to provide seamless integration with the outposts and provide for the Citizen’s every need (and we do mean every need…) with just enough artificial intelligence to provide stimulating conversation. Aria, however, has begun to transcend her programming, and Gordon has begun to fall in love with her — a major societal taboo. 

In OUTPOST, we meet our characters a few months before Citizen Gordon is supposed to convoy back to Earth to present his findings on the Beyond. Gordon and Aria are struggling with their feelings about him leaving, when they get a message from Gordon’s mentor back on Earth saying that the Government has decided to blow up the Beyond using a star-destroying super-weapon called the Starbreaker in order to test the weapon and remove the barrier of the Beyond. Suddenly, the Beyond begins to move and descend upon the outpost, putting Gordon and Aria between a galactic rock and a hard place. They must escape the outpost to save themselves, but can they do it in time?